About Us

The Rhino Story

Baseball and helping others has always been a passion of mine. I coached baseball, basketball, football and track for 10 years in the public school system. While I enjoyed working with the youth as a coach, and as an athletic coordinator, I felt that the system had limitations on what I could do for an individual player, team and even the entire program.  I have had a number of players come to me with limited to no experience within their sport, placing limitations on them and hindering the entire program. This gave me the incentive to start a baseball program at an affordable price to give the community’s players and families a way to invest in the sport and receive a quality experience their player may need to receive the skills and confidence they need to succeed! 

The Rhino Name

The most commonly asked question, Why the name-Rhinos?

Well it is not because I like the fat unicorn. I struggled for some time to find the right name. I knew that it needed to be something kid-friendly and also a name to represent strength and confidence, which were qualities I gained through the sport of baseball as a young man. As I reflected on my childhood, my nickname was “Rhino”, a cooler version of my name-Ryan. Since the Rhinos program is built around developing the skills set of each young player whether it be in an individual, group or team setting, it is also instilling the strength and confidence they need to succeed. Thus, the perfect name evolved-Rhinos.